15 March 2010

Summer of 2010 Trip Plans

Well, with the Canoe Lake "ice out lottery" well in effect, all the snow and ice gone in Toronto, and the first of my Crocuses in bloom, I figured it was time to start planning at least one of my park trips for the 2010 Canoeing Season.

Having spent a fair amount of time in the parks east end last year, I thought I would spend a bit of time traveling some of the smaller lakes off from access 3, as I have heard so much about them. (Adding to the fact that I love access 3, makes it a logical place to plan a trip from.)

This year I am planning a 6 day trip out of Magnatawan, and am planning the following route:

Day 1: Magnatawan - Hambone - Daisy
Day 2: Daisy - Petawawa River - Little Misty
Day 3: Little Misty - Queer (2 night stay)
Day 5: Queer - Little Trout - Ralph Bice (2 night stay)
Day 7: Ralph Bice - Hambone - Magnetawan - Out

This will be my first 7 day trip in the park, and while I am contemplating doing it solo, I'd rather do it with a partner, so as to single carry all the portages. I'm already re-evaluating some of my gear, and planning on going ultra light this season, limiting all my gear to a single Eureka SS115 Canoe Pack (I currently use the SS 75, but need a second pack for food) if solo, or my SS75, if I'm with a partner.

To help lighten the load on food, I'm planning on getting a dehydrator this March Break, and will start getting my meals together soon (what better way to "speed up" time then with food.)

In the mean time, I welcome suggestions/thought/past experiences/photos about my plans, and ask the following questions:

1. Should I do the loop in my planned direction, or the opposite?
2. Is Queer Lake worth 2 days?
3. How is the Little Misty - Queer P2435? (To date my longest portage was a P1500 of which I double carried, and hence my desire to lighten my load this year with a P2435.)

Thanks for any input, and heres to an early ice out, for I will once again be attending , the AA Rock Lake "Opener" in April, and will write about those details as soon as the solidify!

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1 comment:

Rory said...

Hi, Jeff. Sorry I didn't respond to your question right away. I was reluctant to answer either way as I hadn't made up my mind yet. Although I would love to meet and hang out with the gang in AP, it's just not going to happen this April. My Plan B is to paddle a river in Indiana with my cousin on the 24th. Better than sitting at home, at least. Hope everyone at the opener experiences warm weather and cooperative trout. I'm planning on passing through Ralph Bice, Little Trout, and Queer on my way to Big Trout in August. If our trips line up, I'd like to stop by your camp for a "mini-chat". I don't have the dates set yet, but I'm looking at mid-August.