16 November 2009

FANTASTIC Photo/Video Trip Log

As an avid reader, I have seen, read and enjoyed many, different trip logs over the years. Today I was directed to one by a fellow Algonquin Adventure's member and writer of Team Pickle, Patrick Bird and all I can say is WOW; a MUST Algonquin see! The following is an exert from his site.

"Back from our 17 day Canadian Adventure paddling & camping in Algonquin Park. It was most definately more of an endurance test than either of us had expected but very rewarding. In brief we saw 4 moose, got bitten by enormous mosquitos, ate too much sausage, completed 27 portages, stayed 3 nights in a scary death cabin, saw bear and wolf prints, caught fish and toasted 3 bags of marshmellows!

All footage has been taken using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. The footage is a combination of photographs and video footage."

My old Canon digital camera doesn't have a photomotion option; one more reason to get a new one I guess. (Like I needed another reason!)
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