09 January 2009

Winter Trail Advice

Well, seeing as my weekend trip to Mew Lake is coming up, and I have never done any of the highway 60 corridore day trails in the winter before, I thought I would ask my readers for some advice.

To give you some context, I consider myself as a novice when it comes to snowshoeing, and hence have narrowed down the list of trails to under 3.5 km, but really think I should stick to under 2 km. I will be carrying a daypack with emergency supplies, as well as a hot lunch. I plan on leaving by 10:00 am, with the aim of being off the trail by 2:00 pm (give or take a bit).

So I ask:

Which of the following trails would you likely take for a winter snowshoe hike?
Whiskey Rapids (2.1km)
Hardwood Lookout (0.8 km)
Peck Lake (1.9 km)
Hemlock Bluff (3.5 km)
Two Rivers (2 km)
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As always, I thank you ahead of time for your input. I'll keep this poll open until January 14th, 2009 and announce the results then.
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