05 January 2009

A Belated "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" brings plans of Winter Camping.

Having been out of the park for a few months now, I have been finding it particular hard to log onto my Blog let alone write in it. Having said that, I did spend a few days at my families cottage over the holidays, and while we stayed warm and sheltered in our four seasons cottage, the surroundings, the calm of the woods, the freezing (partially mind you) of the lake, the huge amounts of snow and the sound of that snow dancing, all got me thinking about a winter trip to Algonquin Provincial Park.

While the date is not yet set in stone, the location will likely be the Mew Lake Campground (no Yurt mind you), where with the aid of some good old fashion electricity (I'm planning on packing a small space heater for insurance; this will after all be my first time winter camping in a tent) I hope to conquer the "winter sleep in a tent barrier," while trying my luck at snowshoeing a hiking trail or two along the winter version of the highway 60 Corridor.

Originally I was hoping to do an interior trip this winter, but think I should test out my gear in a car site first, especially since I don't really know if when MEC sais "good to -20 degrees", they really mean MINUS 20 DEGREES. Until then, I think I'll keep some "electric" insurance close at hand. If all goes well, and my new winter MEC Cygnet sleeping bag, combined with my MEC Drake three seasons one keeps me warm, perhaps I'll chance an interior exposition.

So with a trip back in my mind I find myself excited to be starting my research on possible locations to go and sites to see. As I plan and narrow my choices down I will update my site, but till then I thought my time off the blog should come to an end.

So please except my apologies on being late, but remember, better late then never, and let me wish my readers a very happy holiday season (for me a Merry Christmas) and all the best for the New Year.
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