19 March 2011

Canoes & Kayaks exempt from Commercial Vessel Registration

While I really wasn't too concerned about the idea of registering my canoe with Transport Canada, it is good to see that organizations dedicated to the promotion of paddling in Canada don't have to worry about this either.  You see, on March 17th, 2011 in Calgary, The Honourable Chuck Strahi, Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, announced important changes to Transport Canada's small vessel registration requirements.  The complete speech (yes there was a speech) regarding the announcement can be found here.  But in essence, no registrations are required.

My favourite quote is "My message today is for everyone looking forward to putting a canoe in the water this summer -dramatic pause - Just do it.  There's been a lot of discussion on the web and in the news media about a requirement register canoes and kayaks.  We want everyone planning canoe and kayak outings this summer to relax, make your plans, and forget the paperwork."

This exemption will apply to groups like Paddle Canada, the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides as well as summer camps and other paddle organizations.

I remember when I first heard about a possible new registration and ($50.00 fee)  but was doubtful it would happen.  (For those wondering, the topic came up around a camp fire in Algonquin a year or two ago as my memory recalls.)  In any case I'm  just glad that it seems to be off the table.

Additional information about which vessels still need to register (such as commercial river rafts) can be found on here.
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1 comment:

Christine & Cole said...

"Just do it" :) Oh Canadian politics, I love you!