24 March 2011

Aurora Borealis Time Laps Video

Since my blogs inception I have posted a few time laps videos that I though my readers might be interested in.   Each time, I've been asked to post more.

The following is a hauntingly beautiful display of the Aurora Borealis.  Not only is the photography superb, but the music, "Now we are Free" from the Gladiator soundtrack is equally breath taking given the images it accompanies.

The video is by an artist by the name of Terje Sorgerd and was shot in and around Kirkenes and Pas National Park bordering Russia at 70 degrees north and 30 degrees east, where the temperature was a heart stopping -25 degrees Celsius.  You can also get more information on Terje Sorgjers on his facebook page here.

I hope you enjoy;  I know I did!

The Aurora from
Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.
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emptynestnotreally said...

Wow - that is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

Amy @ Soul Dipper said...

I keep re-falling in love with our planet - helped by people like Sorgjerd.