28 March 2010

Over this past March Break my mother and two sons (each with a friend) spent five days at the cottage enjoying a very early Spring.

While our trip was originally planned to last three days, the weather was just too good to return to the city, and so my oldest son, his friend and I extended our stay by two additional days, while my youngest son and his friend returned home to have some special time with my mother.

During the last two nights of our stay we were joined by an Algonquin Adventurer's friend of mine; Mark Rubino, of Mark's Algonquin Sampler.

In all we spent two full days in Algonquin, and visited the Spruce Bog Trail, the Visitor's Centre and the Track and Tower Trail. The snow and ice was quickly melting, and I imagine that many lakes will be open by mid. April this year. The following are some photos from our stay.

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1 comment:

Webstie Marketing Blog said...

Sounds wonderful, I love getting out into nature in the early spring, it's beautiful. Thanks.