15 March 2011

Concerning comments

Im not an overly political man, or one who shoves my life in others face. As such, four years ago I started this blog, and have been surrounded by positive feedback and well wishes ever since. I get approximately 20 comments a week, and while I try to read them all, I am occasionally busy and simply screen them. In the four years people have been for the most part kind, but a few have sent me hate mail regarding my sexuality and the fact that my partner and I (of 18 years) have two adopted children.

Again I am not going to get overtly political as my blog is about my love of the outdoors, canoeing, Algonquin Provincial Park, and the trips that I have taken, with friends, family and yes my children. Unfortunately I guess I missed a few hate messages, and recently was made aware of them by my oldest son, who in wanting to read what others thought of his Dad found the following comments.

Read you bio in the side bar. Sorry the average man is not gay and certainly doesn't try to raise two kids in a gay household leaving the children lacking a maternal hand in guidance. eaching is a noble profession to be sure but spare me and the rest of America the normalization of homosexuality.

"I feel sorry for your kids having a gay father and all. No child should have to grow being surrounded with such immorality, they didn't ask to be in such an inviroment nor should you give them such

I was devistated and tried my best to explain the world to my twelve year old, but I feel that I have some how let him down. All I wanted was to share and record some wonderful memories I have shared with my kids, and yet they have now been made to feel angry at the world for saying such things about our family. I know my son will be fine, and that he will come to understand the world we live in, and again Proppe's Paddles is NOT about politics but an activity that I have come to love.

Am I doing the right thing in keeping this blog, or should I let it go, and record my memories in a less public forum? I had thought that as a society we had passed the point of such narrow views, but now I am not so sure.

Advice please.
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JeffreyM said...

Obviously it's your choice in the end, but I don't think that small number of people should deter you from the good work you've done (as witnessed by all of the positive comments and people who have found value in your blog).

In short... screw them. Who knows why they feel compelled to try and put you down, but I hope they don't succeed in making you feel this is all for naught.

Anonymous said...

I think it is wonderful that you have provided love, and a home for two sons. They will learn that many people in this world are not kind, but many more are loving, and generous, and look for the good in others. Eventually they will be the best spokesmen for the love they experienced.

Sean R. said...

Are your children happy? Are they happy to see the both of you day in and day out? Do they show you the love you guys show them?

Even the Pope, the Queen, the Prime Minister and the President have their critics. Your boys will come to understand that the world has people in it that just can't tolerate anyone with different values and views.

All you can do is be the best Dad you can be and trust your boys will understand. They seem like smart cookies, so I don't think you will have any probs.


Jeff said...

Thank you all for your comments and words of encouragement! They mean a lot to me!

Amy @ Soul Dipper said...

With a home where love is the under-paint of life, what has gender got to do with anything? We all end up with our souls and nothing more - genderless.

Please free yourself from allowing others to dictate who and how you love.

There have been children raised in homes that are so terribly dysfunctional that it is a wonder they survived.

Blessings on you and your family!

Preston said...

Keep doing what you're doing, Jeff. You're kids will see the positive comments on your blog and it'll make them proud.

Katherine H in MN, USA said...

Don't let a few narrow-minded people who do not even possess enough intellectual ability to spell words correctly dictate to you. In the end, you make your choices and raise your kids the best you can. Introducing them to the natural world is one of the best things you can do. I like your blog :)

Alison said...

I like your blog, and fully support your loving home and family. Ignore ghastly homophobes, they obviously have big problems.
Keep up your great blog!
Alison, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Working towards the goals you've set is made easier with supportive persons and circumstances. But continuing to work towards those goals - despite the naysayers - will teach your children some very remarkable lessons in perseverance, quietly standing up for what is right, leading by best example, and a whole bunch more (: We give power to fear and ignorance when we pay them heed. In other words, keep doing what you're doing - you'll feel good that you continued and you'll be an inspiration to family, friends and colleagues.

Robert said...

Living in BC and having never been to Algonquin Park, I found your blog about a year ago and enjoyed the layout and descriptions.

Today, I read your concerns on some comments that others have made.

Good for you and your partner on taking on parenting - You cannot undo what others have written but if you want my support (straight, happily married father of three) you have it and there are a lot more of us in the general population that think the same.

AndrewH said...

I've been busy in my school life that I haven't been on this site for a while so I decided to check back today. I was very surprised by the comments that have been posted which are just dumb. I've always seen this website as an outdoor blog on what's happening etc. but wow.. I'm surprised there are people who think that especially at a place like Algonquin Park where I've met both nice and amazing people in my life. Don't let it get you down whatsoever.. I guess people like that pop in and out but I know your kids will be proud and love you. Have they not "Read you bio in the side bar" surprisingly they would have a complete opposite point of view.

Blessings on you and your family too!

Mark (aka MG) said...

Be strong Jeff, strong for Joshua and Liam. You have an awesome blog going on here and I'm sure you know they appreciate it very much!

Be Proud! And Gay! And Love it! I sure do ;-)