01 June 2010

The Raven

For years I have headed north to visit one of my favourite "rest and relaxation" places, Algonquin, only to stop in at the permit office, pay my fees, collect my permit and chat one last time with someone from "civilization."

As part of that ritual I would always pick up a copy of "The Raven : Algonquin Park's Natural and Cultural History Digest"; a publication put out several times a year in concert with the Friends of Algonquin. Starting this year, the Ravin is now available online for download, so I don't have to wait till my next trip to the Park to read the many interesting and educational facts printed in this great publication.

Any lover of Algonquin will surely enjoy the Raven. The following is an excerpt from their announcement about going digital, as seen on the Official website of Algonquin.

Enjoy! I know I will! Don't worry though, the paper editions will still be available.

The Raven : Algonquin Park's Natural and Cultural History Digest

For the first 50 years, The Raven had two authors…Russ Rutter from 1960 to 1973 and Dan Strickland from 1974 to 2009.

2010 represents a new era for The Raven…the new principal author will be Michael Runtz, a well-known Ontario naturalist, photographer and writer, with a strong connection to Algonquin Park.

The Raven will have six issues a year – two in spring, two in summer, one in the fall, and one in the winter. This new schedule will allow us to update our visitors with timely seasonal information and safety messages.

The Raven is available online [links to our 2010 issues below] and a limited number of complete sets of the previous year's Raven are available at the Visitor Centre or the main gates.

• Vol. 51, No. 1 – April 22, 2010 –
The Devious Side of Algonquin's Spring Flowers by Michael Runtz

• Vol. 51, No. 2 – May 20, 2010 –
Those Magnificent Moose and Their Flying Machines by Dan Strickland [originally printed April 25, 1985]

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