21 April 2009

Getting warmer!

Well things in the weather seem to be heating up this week in Algonquin, leaving me to remain hopefull that my second annual "Algonguin Adventures Park Opener" trip to Rose Island on Rock Lake will go ahead as last year, rather then being frozen in at the Rock Lake Campground.

So far indications are mixed, but I have a feeling that while ice may still be floating around the waters of Rock Lake, that Rose Island will be accessible by canoe.

Like last year I will be meeting up with several members of Algonquin Adventures, only this year I won't be the "Newby" any more, and look forward to passing on the title to any new folks that decide to join us.

My plan is to arrive at the park as early as possible on Friday, staying until the last possible moment on Sunday.

Here's hoping the heating keeps up!

For those interested, below is a list of sites that have been discussing the ice conditions of the park as of late.
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