04 March 2009

Time for this years "Ice Out Predictions"

Every year Jefferson Ridpathon of Canoe Lake Ice-Out holds his annual Ice-Out predictions poll. This year I casted my vote early (today in fact), and voted for Friday, April 24th, 2009 (at noon.)

I must admit that I am a bit biased in my vote, as this selection will be just in time for my arrival at what has become an annual gathering of Algonquin Adventures members, but hey I'll take anything earlier as well.

Judging by Jefferson's posting of historical dates, the opener should be a go (the ice was fully out the morning I set off for Rose Island on Rock Lake, for last year's Algonquin Adventures Opener), but with recent temperature variations of plus 11 to minus 25 degrees celsius in the last week alone, one can only hope and wonder.

Here's to a quick end of the winter, and the start of another paddling season!
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