08 February 2009

Bird Calls

I've recently returned from a three day winter trip to the park (a log is in the works), and while I missed a wolf sighting by a mere 20 minutes (see Mark in the Park's thread on Algonquin Adventures for details and Sean of Ajax's video clip of the sighting) I did hear a few birds. (The wolfs were following a snowshoeing trail that Sean of North Bay, Sean of Ajax, Mike B, Jeffrey M and I had made on our way off Fork Lake towards the Visitor's Centre about an hour earlier.)

In the winter the park seems that much quieter, that much more remote and that much more wild. As such the sounds seem that much more vivid.

While I would not consider myself a birder by any stretch of the imagination, I have always stopped to listen to their amazing songs. My identification skills are poor at best, but in the spirit of learning a bit, I did some research on the web, and came across the following site that I thought I would share. It's named "All About Birds."

It's well worth a look, and includes some great audio clips of some of the marvelous sounds that the park has to hold.

Happy Birding!
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