12 April 2008

The Next Best Thing

Having to cancel our Algonquin Trip this weekend, due to poor weather, the kids and I decided we'd do the next best thing. What did we end up doing, you might be wondering, well we "camped inside."

Seeing as I have a new tent, and we weren't going to use it in Algonquin Park like we had planned, we decided to set it up in the basement, pull out the sleeping bags and mattresses, and have our selves a good old fashion sleeping party in the tent.

Being a lite weight 3 person tent, the Marmit Limelight 3p provided us with less space then we have been accustomed in our Columbian 5 person Bugaboo, but with a little creativity in terms of the floor plan, we managed to sleep quite comfortably.

The tent set up in no time, and was easier to assemble then any other tent I have put together before. Inside it is equipped with several wall pockets for gear, as well as a "roof cargo area." The kids were excited, and even got to use their new miners head flashlights lights, that I had gotten them the week before. We all slept well, and for a moment, when I first awoke, I almost believed we were back at the park. The room was dim, with limited light shining through the basement windows. The slight glare was enough though to light the walls of the tent the way the sun does as it first rises in the morning, creating the allusion of being in the outdoors. We even heard the birds chirping, which added to the ambiance, but even so, I was quick to remember that we were in the basement, and not on the shore of some lake in Algonquin Park.

In any case, it was a nice change of pace for me and the kids, and a reminder of things to come later in the spring. With the Algonquin Adventures Park Opener at Rock lake but two weeks away, I can only hope the weather improves fast, and opens up Rock Lake soon. While I'm unsure of the effects of the ice/rain/snow storm that occurred this past weekend, as I don't know if it means there is now more snow to melt, or if it means that some of the ice and snow was melted by the precipitation, I do know that I am longing to return to the park, and so will keep my thoughts positive and assume the latter.

So here's to warmer weather, sunny skies and a melt like we have never had before. But two weeks ago my back yard was buried under over two feet of snow, and it melted in less time, so the opener may still have a chance! I just wish that ice melted faster then snow, rather then the other way around.

A note on the Photo:  I came across this photo on the net last year, and absolutely loved it.  While I have long since forgotten the site it was found on, I would like it known that in posting it, I am in no way attempting to suggest that I took it, rather I am assuming the photographer’s permission in publishing it here.  If the person responsible would like it removed, I ask that they contact me, and I will sadly do so.  If anyone knows who the photographer is, would you please post their contact information hear, as I would love to see more of their work.  I do remember that the image was taken at Canisbay Lake in Algonquin Park.

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