22 April 2008

April 22nd Ice Report

For all those as excited as myself about getting to Rock Lake on Friday, I come bearing good, no make that GREAT news. According to today's NOAA Coast Guard satellite images, it appears that Rock became free of any major ice fields today!!!!! Please note that while much of the satellite photos are blocked by low hanging clouds, hence limiting my ability to point out other major lakes in Algonquin Park, Rock Lake is distinctive enough to point it out and identify as being coloured a dark blue (suggesting water) as opposed to the previous shades of white and grey (meaning ice and snow).

While I am still waiting for the Friends of Algonquin's official Ice report to be made, which is to be based on an arial survey of the Park they took this morning (April 22nd), I'm sure they will be reporting the same, so Rock Lake here I come!

As way of an update on my preparations for the trip, I have gathered all the necessary gear, and am now in the process of cutting it in half, so as to have everything fit nicely in my pack. Ok, I'm lying a bit, MOST of my gear will fit, leaving some of the more luxurious items, like a folding arm chair, to a second bag. Since I wont be portaging for this trip, I feel I can afford a bit more gear, if only in the name of comfort.

Here's to a great rest of the week everyone!

As always weather and trend forcasts can be found at, Algonquin weather and 14 day trend forecasts.
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