24 March 2008

Spring's Sprung !?!?!?!

After a huge family Easter dinner yesterday, Josh, Liam and I decided that we would stretch our legs, and go for a walk in the neighborhood; actually, I walked and the boys rode their bikes. In any case, the weather was beautiful, and while a bit on the chilly side, it was a joy to be outside and in the sun again with nothing but our spring coats and running shoes on.

As we were heading out for what would be an hour or so walk, I noticed one of the most inspiring sites I have seen in a while; a tiny purple Crocus that had sprouted out of the recently melted snow banks of my yard. Located in a sunny and protected corner of my garden sits the Crocus in the photo below that bloomed today. This small purple plant, along with the return of several Red Robins to the backyard, give me hope, great pleasure and a new sense of rejuvenation in that Spring has really sprung, and that I will soon be back in Algonquin, surrounded by the beauty that it holds.

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1 comment:

Jeff said...

Great shot Jeff, can't wait to see more nature coming back to life!